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Ellerslie Community

Supporting the Ellerlsie Community

Shooting Stars has been in Ellerlsie for many years and we are passionate about supporting our local community. Ellerlsie is a beautiful community filled with people who contribute to making other peoples lives better, a value that is close to our heart too. To us, like many, Ellerlsie is more than a suburb, it is a community we are very proud to be a part of. 
We support the community and join in with local events such as the very well known annual fairy festival, the mamma markets in the community hall and are currently looking at paying it forward in other ways. Sometimes fairies even come to our centre after the fairy festival and create delightful surprises for the children at our childcare centre. 
We love the feel in Ellerlsie community and know that many families love what we offer as well. A true win win. Watch this space for more ways we will be supporting your community!