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Parent Information

Centre Hours

7:30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Enrolment Procedure

You will want to visit the centre before making a decision.

If you feel our centre would meet your needs and those of your child then ask the centre staff for an enrolment form.

Once we have received your enrolment form, we will enter your child's name on our waiting list and will advise you in due course of a possible date for entry to the centre when a vacancy becomes available.

Settling your Child

We are passionately committed to having happy, secure children who develop strong relationships of trust with their teachers and are proud to say each teacher teaches from their heart. We work closely with parents and children to establish positive relationships and build a bond of trust to ensure each child and their families feel secure that Shooting Stars is a great place to be! 

We ask that parents bring their child into visit the centre and transition before they start at the centre. This gives both you and your child further opportunity to build relationships and reassure you that you've made the right decision by enrolling here. Relationships are at the heart of our practice, and children too need time to build relationships with trusting teachers as they explore their new environment and establish life long friendships. This transition period is totally free and helps give you and your child confidence before their first day starting at Shooting Stars. 

Picking up your Child

We ask that you show consideration to our staff by picking up your child promptly at closing times as staff often have bus connections to make as well as other commitments. This centre is closed on Statutory holidays and at the Christmas period we check in with families to see whether families require childcare or not. Over the last few years we have opened and are happy to in future years as the need arises. 

Allergies / Special diets / Lunches…

We appreciate that as parents you know your child's food preferences best, and as such the parents at Shooting Stars decided they would like to provide their own lunches. Being more in control of what your child has for lunches can be important for many parents and we recognise this as children often choose their own food at home.

We also acknowledge that some children may have allergies and /or special diets that teachers need to be aware of. If this affects your child, it is important that teachers are informed and we have the appropriate documentation, for example, an allergy action plan from the doctor. Some children may have severe allergies, and it is important we are all aware of any potential reactions we may need to look out for. Please ensure our records are kept up to date as children's dietary needs change over time.

Other children may be particularly picky eaters so again providing your own lunches has been appreciated by parents.  

Children’s Birthdays

Often families wish to celebrate their child’s birthday at the centre with their friends. As we are a small centre we do not have a great deal of birthdays. We decided therefore to allow parents to bring in birthday cakes or a special little something if they wish to. 

We have a special birthday ritual so that anyone who’s birthday it is feels honoured and special. The children get to choose things for their birthday tray and drink out of fine bone china. 

Family and friends are welcome to come along and enjoy this celebration with your child. 


We are required by law to keep a copy of the Certificate of Immunisation on file. Please bring this with you on the first day. Due to the risk of cross infection between children, please keep your child at home if he/she shows any of the following symptoms:

  • Chicken Pox
  • Cold Sores
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Diarrhoea
  • Head Lice
  • Ringworm
  • Mumps
  • Vomiting
  • Infectious Hepatitis
  • Measles
  • High Temperature
  • Rubella
  • Severe Rash/Infection
  • Coloured discharge from nose
  • Impetigo
Please also contact us to let us know if your child has any of these symptoms. There will be a current trained First Aid staff member on the premises at all times.

If your child is not immunised in the event of the serious outbreak of contagious symptoms you will need to leave your child at home until the outbreak is cleared.

Personal Items

All personal items brought into the centre must be clearly named. Each child is required to bring to the centre each day a large bag (name tagged) with handles. Personal toys can be easily misplaced or broken and we suggest that they are not brought to the centre. However, a blanket or soft toy that your child uses as a comfort is welcomed as long as it is named.

Parents are also required to provide a sunhat for the summer periods and gumboots during the winter periods. These must also be named and kept at the centre.

Sunblock is provided by the centre. If your child has skin irritations, a sensitive sunscreen can be provided by parents and kept onsite.

Providing Positive Guidance

We have developed a very thorough positive guidance policy with strategies which guide our teaching practice. From time to time, as we discuss individual children’s goals, we may meet with parents to ensure consistency between home and centre. We are always here to support families and children.

Although we as teachers role model positive relationships and would say sorry at appropriate times we do not tell children they must say sorry. This is for two reasons: we would rather teach them to think about the consequences of their actions and how another person may feel as a result of their actions. We encourage children to think about what they could do to work out a solution. Also sometimes the children are not in fact sorry for their actions and in telling them they have to say sorry could teach them to lie about their feelings.


As a teaching team we bring a strong research base to our curriculum design. This is highly evident on a day to day basis. Our programme is based on 'Te Whariki', the national curriculum for early childhood education. We provide a warm and friendly atmosphere at Shooting Stars, and a stimulating and challenging programme and environment for every child.

Children are empowered and encouraged to make choices throughout the day and are given opportunities to explore their world through play. Our programme is developed by teachers who are in tune with childrens interests and strengthen these by providing provocations in the environment and observing the children and assessing their development. Teachers work alongside children to support and promote their development.

In our last ERO they observed and commented: "Numeracy and literacy are well supported and integrated throughout the curriculum. Planning and assessment systems are authentic and reflect children's progress and learning over time." 


Children are observed while at play in order for the teachers to understand, appreciate and respond to the development of each child. These observations are then recorded in the form of anecdotes, photographs, and samples of artwork. This information is collected and developed in a portfolio for your child during their time here at Shooting Stars.

Teaching Respect

As a teaching team we are committed to providing a beautiful environment that can be well loved and enjoyed by children. 

Like teachers, the children are expected to take good care of centre equipment and our teachers / older children reinforce appropriate use of equipment with children. 

Teaching children to be respectful is an important value we encourage at Shooting Stars, so please help support your child to learn this especially if they are asked to put something away before they leave the centre. Encouraging your children to take responsibility in their environment demonstrates pride and respect. We want children and adults to respect our beautiful learning environment, so it continues to be inspiring and ignite a passion for learning.


Children bring their own lunch to Shooting Stars, however we have full kitchen amenities to heat / refrigerate any food that is required. We provide children with morning and afternoon snacks which are all healthy options such as fruit, vegetables and crackers or biscuits.

A record is kept each day of all foods provided by the centre.

Rest Time

Children have the opportunity of an early afternoon nap/quiet time in an assigned bed or cot. We follow home sleeping patterns for babies and will discuss your child's individual needs and requirements with you. It is encouraged that your child brings a comfort, such as a blanket or teddy, to the centre for their rest times.

Individual Needs

We feel it is very important that we work in close collaboration with parents and that both parties are involved in sharing information. Please discuss with staff any sleep, toileting or other relevant routines and inform us of any changes immediately so that we can ensure the best care. Children with additional needs fully participate and are included in all aspects of the program alongside their peers.


The centre cannot accept responsibility for children being "dropped off" at the gate. Please ensure that your child is brought into the building and "handed over" to a staff member before you leave.

It is of extreme importance that you sign your child on the sign in and out sheets each day in the foyer, so that in the event of an emergency, we know exactly who is in the building.


When a child is under medication from a doctor, it is essential that you sign the medicine book and that the medicine be given to a member of staff and not left in the child's bag. It is vital that medication is clearly named and prescribed by a doctor. If your child has an inhaler you will need to get a formal asthma action plan from your doctor. 

If you have any questions regarding medicine whatsoever, please feel free to ask one of the teachers.