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Feedback and Comments

A snippet from Mariana and Cata

"Bringing Lucas to Shooting Stars was such a good decision! He was just a baby and now he's growing and becoming such a happy and friendly little boy. All of you are so dedicated, warm and helpful that we know for sure that caring for our children is not just a job. Thanks so much for everything!!! We truly appreciate it. You're an amazing team and that's why we love Shooting Stars."

A snippet from Sarah and Mark

"We love the way Shooting Stars feels like a little extended family. We love how Eddie looks forward to going everyday and how all the staff treat him as one of their own.

We love how all the staff go the extra mile to happily accommodate Eddie's special needs and play such an important role in his development. 

We have peace of mind knowing that Eddie is having a great day."

With much love from Pip, Jonathan, Harris, Lewis and Lily

"Thank you so much for all the love, care and attention you gave Lily and all her friends. I've been through a few kindy's and by far Shooting Stars has the best teachers and resources. You are very focused on following the children's interests and extending their learning. I'm amazed by the information Lily has absorbed and she's very ready for school. It's the little touches too - the yoga, pajama parties, chickens, Christmas party, Valentine's, art... the list goes on!! 

Lily seems such a happy, caring child and that's a true reflection of all your love and care. I can see how much you care for her and enjoy her too. We will miss you all when she graduates to school!!

With much love and thanks

Pip, Jonathan, Harris, Lewis and Lily

(And shooting stars will proabably be best remembered for where she met her first love - Zac xx)"   

To all amazing teachers at Shooting Stars

"Thank you for being who you all are - great teachers, kind families and simply wonderful people. You are the reason why our shy little boy has absolutely blossomed in the recent months. We could not be happier with the care he receives at Shooting Stars.

You are a fabulous team and we love what you do!

Karol and Michael"

Some comments from an Education Support Worker

"When I first walked into Shooting Stars, it felt like a home not a day care centre and I was welcomed with happy children and friendly teachers. 

I have been lucky enough to see you all in action and am impressed daily with all of the teachers' enthusiasm.Seeing the children grow not only in their knowledge  - which is outstanding - but also their social skills has been nothing less than amazing!!!

Coming to Shooting Stars is a highlight of my day. Thank you all at Shooting Stars.


Dear Shooting Stars

"Thank you for your wonderful care, nurturing and teaching of Isabella and Ethan. It's really a very special centre and that really comes down to the people running it. We will miss you all, it feels like an extended family we are leaving.

Thank you once again

Love Kellie, Anthony, Ethan and Isabella"

Grateful for the wonderful influence

"Our eldest son was at Shooting Stars from age 1 - 3, and was joined by his younger brother when he was almost a year old. The centre was like a second family to our boys; they adored the teachers, who genuinely took an interest in their well being, character and development. We were always amazed by the things the boys learned from Shooting Stars, which was enabled by the high teacher ratios and quality of teachers. We loved the way the different aged children interacted like siblings, with the older ones caring for the littlies, and the younger children learning from their older role models.  

We considered the teachers our friends, and were grateful for the wonderful influence they were in our sons’ lives in those significant, early years. The boys still talk about their “daycare”, even now a year after we left.  

Hope all is well for you and the centre."