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Starting School

Quotes from Education Review Office

"Centre practices are guided by the pedagogy of Pikler and Magda Gerber. These theorists promote approaches where children are trusted to be explorers and self-learners."

"Teachers know children well. They celebrate each child's uniqueness and follow up on individual wondering and dispositions."

"Numeracy and literacy are very well supported and integrated throughout the curriculum. Planning and assessment systems are authentic and reflect childrens progress and learning over time. Teachers work alongside children to support and promote their development."

"Teachers use Te reo Maori as a natural part of conversations with children and tikanga Maori underpins all centre practice."

"High level professional leadership guides centre practice and the centre where also works in the centre. She models child-centred care and nurturing learning interactions with children. This guidance and modelling has shaped the centres positive culture."

Carson was more prepared for learning than his peers

I recalled a strong hesitation of Carson starting school. It was important for Roma, a primary school teacher and I to know he was being well prepared and had the best start to his education. 

The transition to school programme exceeded my expectations. Carson was more prepared for learning than his peers and had a head start in his schooling. He has continued to be an avid reader and excel in maths with a growth mindset as a life long learner.

Thanks Shooting Stars


I wish I knew earlier...

I was a proud parent when Dasha went to school as she could write not only her first name but also her last name as well thanks to teachers at Shooting Stars. She could also count confidently and knew basic maths facts. 

I wish I knew at the time that I could have kept her at Shooting Stars until she was 6 years old or at least til the beginnning of the next year I definetely would have. 

Another great thing I learnt was the variety of options for lunch boxes I could do therefore when Dasha started school it was not as hard for me as it was for some other parents who shared their experiences with me.


An extra snippet after Lily started school

My daughter Lily has developed into a confident and caring young girl who is known by her teachers for being friends with many and being respectful of teachers. 

I think the intimate environment that Shooting Stars offers has taught the children patience, understanding and empathy for different children at different ages and stages. This has given Lily great social skills and emotional intelligence to navigate the complex school social scene with confidence. 

Diana and the teachers have a real passion for learning through play so Lily went to school with a desire to explore and investigate. Her transition to school has been so smooth - and having had 3 children in different pre school environments I can highly recommend Shooting Stars as a warm, family friendly place who truly care for your little one and their individual needs. 

Thanks team for everything you’ve done for Lily.

Zac settled into school really well

When we were at the point of transitioning Zac to school, some of the most important aspects we were focussed on were moving from a smaller childcare environment to a larger school environment, moving to a more structured learning environment and also moving to a school where he did not have a big groups of friends. Diana and her team proactively talked with us around what we were focussed on and what we could to help the transition. Nothing can be replicated perfectly, but we were able to put some things in place to help replicate the experience of school. What we found is the advantage of a smaller centre allowed more one on one time with Zac to help aid in the transition. Zac settled into school really well and the great thing is he was able to come back to the Shooting Stars as a big school kid and show his mates that it was awesome.


Grant and Rachel